Thursday, August 22, 2019

What's On My Desk? Altenew 3D dies.

Hello everyone.  Here is the latest, "What's On My Desk Video."    I show some of my favorite supplies and show some pretty hibiscus samples.
Remember items from these videos can be found on  and
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Friday, August 16, 2019

What's On My Desk? Foiling Supplies

Lots of questions on foiling!  Here is a little video I made for all of you.  I made a few mistakes.  In one part I said, you can't cut with foil plates but you can cut with some (obviously.)    I also thought I may do little episodes of  "What's On My Desk?"  Let me know what you think.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Groovi Parchment Craft

Hello everyone.  Hope all is well.  I was just thinking about Groovi Parchment Craft. I really like this craft.  I think I need to try to get some new items to pre order.  Is anyone interested in this craft besides me?  Anyone looking for something in particular?  Let me know your thoughts so I know if I should pursue this as a pre order.  If you are not familiar with Groovi, it is a system of acrylic plates that you put your parchment over and trace beautiful designs.  The acrylic has grooves that your ball tool follows making the tracing so easy.    Oh and the reason why I was thinking about this was I saw some Gorgeous new plates that combine parchment craft with paper embroidery!!!  I love this and want this! 

Here are the paper embroidery samples I saw:

Pretty amazing, I think.  Let me make it clear though, Groovi plates are not typically associated with paper embroidery.  Normally they are strictly parchment craft.  Here are some example that I found on the site:

My work is very basic.  I don't do all the fancy cutting and lacework.  Someday I hope to teach myself....   Even though, my simple work is quite lovely.

Oh, another thing I have found.  There are dies that cut basic shapes with Picot edges!!!  I need to get these-this will make my edges fancy.  Here is an example.  See that Picot edges on the circles?  That is from dies!!

So let me know what you think.   Comment below so we can all partake in the discussion.