Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Art Impressions Catalog Party Post #2

Hello crafters.  Don't forget I am taking orders for anything you may want from Art Impressions.  Just check out their site and email me your preorders.  I will give you all my usual great prices.  Today I want to share this video with you.

Sooo, if you missed ordering these the first time around, now is the time to order them!  They are super cute.

Email all preorders to

Monday, March 27, 2017

Art Impressions Catalog Party

Did you miss the Art Impressions pre order?   There were so many great items to order.  Look at what my friend Gail has been doing with her AICS38 Doggy Kisses Stamp Set 

So Cute...

Well I have some good news.  We are having an Art Impressions catalog party!  What this means, is I can order you any Art Impressions item you want that they have on their site.  With this promotion I don't have to order multiples, so I can get each of you anything you wish for.  I will be showing some great videos and samples to give you some inspiration.  I will also give you my usual great prices but you need to place your order with me to get my prices.   Email all your preorders (item number and brief description) to Darlene at

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The appeal of the Groovi System

I can remember about 30 years ago going to a small shop in New Hampshire that sold Pergamano supplies.  I grew up in New Hampshire.  I love that state with it's small coast line and white mountains.  Anyway, I digress.  This shop had the most beautiful samples on display.  The lady also taught classes.  I was so excited.  I took the classes and quickly learned Pergamano was not for me.  I come from a family of artists but somehow the gene skipped me.  I cannot draw.  With those classes I took ages ago there was tracing and using Pergamano white ink and all of this took a very steady hand.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and all those wobbles looked awful in my mind.  I gave up on Pergamano.  Years later white embossing powder on parchment paper came into play.  I would emboss and color the back of the paper with a sense of satisfaction.  But when I would try to take that craft a little farther with piercing holes and shading, the embossing powder would fleck off.  Foiled again.....Then I saw the Groovi system from Clarity from one of my favorite suppliers.  I was so excited about this system.  Tracing on an acrylic plate with a small ball tool!  Ingenious!  I was sure I could do this.  I am not disappointed.  It is easy to trace the design.  If you go out the lines it doesn't show.  The tool doesn't pierce through the paper.  Just the tracing alone produces an elegant look.  I am going to take my skills further and learn to pierce and cut.  I have toyed with this in the past but soon it will all come together.  I know this because Barbara Gray from Clarity stamps has purchased Pergamano......  So....  I am thinking she will marry Groovi with Pergamano to make some wonderful tools that are going to make some gorgeous cards.   If you haven't tried the Groovi system, I highly recommend it.   I suggest starting with the starter kit and purchase a couple of additional plates that you like.  The starter kit has everything you need to begin (except the dryer sheet LOL)   If you need anything Groovi just email me and I will get it for you. 

GRO40012  Groovi Plate Starter Kit  $44.25
Starter kit includes:
1 x  8.26" x 11.70" Groovi Plate Mate
2 x 5.83" x 5.83" Groovi Plates
1 x 8.66" x 11.80" Groovi Mat
2 x Embossing Tools 0.8mm - 1.3mm & 2.0mm - 2.8mm
20 x A5 Groovi Parchment Papers

Feel free to share any of your Groovi cards or comments. 



Thursday, March 16, 2017

Groovi Video

I think this is a nice video showing all the different elements that you can use when working with the Groovi system.

I am also taking requests for Groovi items you may be waiting for.  I will try and order them so we can make sure to have what everyone wants.  Email all requests to Darlene at

Now for the video.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tim Holtz's Stamping Platform

I have preordered some Tim Holtz Stamping Platforms and I have two left.  The shipment is scheduled to arrive in mid April.  If you want me to put you down for one of the ones coming in April email me at  The cost is $32.25 plus shipping (just the actual shipping cost).  I can get more later on  but the first shipment coming in April is sold out with my supplier.

Here is another video that shows how the Stamp Platform works.  It is not as entertaining as his CHA video but it is much more informative.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Art Impressions Find......

Just wanted to share what Karen Trimble shared with me.   If you own a Misti stamp positioner, Karen found that the Art Impressions Stamp Positioner (that she purchased from me) works great to extend your corner out.  She sent me the following pictures:

This is the acrylic stamp positioner from Art Impressions that sells for $10.00

Thank you Karen for the tip and for sharing your pics  :)

Unfortunately, I cannot get a Misti Stamp Positioner for my customers.....But......I can get two positioners that debuted at CHA this year.  I have included the videos showing both of them.

The first one is the Position It 2
I sell it for $44.25
 Here is the video:

The second one is Tim Holtz's Stamp Platform.
I sell it for $32.25 (this one is not available until April)
Here is the video: