Friday, October 7, 2016

Links to previous Groovi Releases

Hello friends.  Here are links to all the previous Groovi releases plus the instructional videos.  This is a wonderful system.  You wont be disappointed if you try this wonderful craft.
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Patricia and Sue made these lovelies!

They made these with the Sue Wilson Striplet Dies.
If you would like us to order any of these dies email Darlene at

CED1616   Rococo Striplet Die Set  $17.50

CED1616   Rococo Striplet Die Set  $17.50

CED1616   Rococo Striplet Die Set  $17.50

CED1601 Embroidered Striplet Die  $18.00

CED1614  Ornate Octagons Die Set $16.25

CED4401 Phoenix Gemini Die Set $12.75 (outer edges)
CED1610  Lattice Lace Striplet Die Set  $16.75 (center)

CED1609  Stacked Diamond Striplet Die Set  $16.75

Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Elizabeth Crafts Samples

Hello friends.  Here are some more samples made from the first part of the Elizabeth Crafts release that you can see HERE

Monday, August 8, 2016

Patricia is enjoying the New Groovi System!

Hello everyone... Pat here!
I just got through playing a little bit with my new Groovi items and I find that I really am liking it.  It is very user friendly and believe it ot not, the technique actually does relax you. But the best part is the fact that you have unlimited choices in that you can pick and choose any part of any design and mix them to create your very own designs. You are not limited to just what is on any one plate.
I also like the fact that I have been able to use several different coloring mediums. My coloring pencils work great. I use the Spectrum Noir ones (we can order these for you) as well as my oil pencils.  As far as markers go, I found that the alcohol based markers are the best to use, as least for me. They blend beautifully and dry quick enough that it doesn't wrinkle and wave the Parchment paper like a waterbased marker does. I'm sure that the Copic and Tim Holtz markers would be great but I simply am not proficient enough with those to do a good job. So I tend to stick with my pencils, mostly. I also used my Pan Pastels to color with.
As for gluing down your parchment work goes, you can either use double sided tape (which I prefer) because, again, it does not get the paper wet, and then overlay your piece with a frame made from your dies and cardstock OR you can adhere your parchment art piece to the sheet of double sided tape, stick that to your background cardstock and then cut out a shape around it with your dies.
I believe Darlene is going to post a couple of pictures of my first card made using the Groovi stuff. I did the name "Kristy" with the groovi alphabet and colored the letters and then mounted it to the double sided tape. I did the Merry Christmas and ornaments on the inside of the card the same way.  Just remember that this is my first attempt at using this system so don't be too hard on me, okay...LOL
So for those of you who bought some of the Groovi stuff... Go for it! It really is a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another Karen Burniston Instructional Video

We are still taking Elizabeth Crafts orders.  You can see the release HERE

We wanted to share this video that shows the Flower Pot pop-Up that many of you ordered:

Please remember that blogger doesn't send videos through emails. you will have to go to Dutchpapercrafts2 site (  to see it.

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Please keep checking this site out as we will have lots of ideas to inspire you.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Paypal Issues

Just FYI, Paypal is having some issues.  If you are having difficulty paying your invoice, try logging in to your account and pay from there.  Paypal is working on resolving the problem  :)