Sunday, March 12, 2017

Art Impressions Find......

Just wanted to share what Karen Trimble shared with me.   If you own a Misti stamp positioner, Karen found that the Art Impressions Stamp Positioner (that she purchased from me) works great to extend your corner out.  She sent me the following pictures:

This is the acrylic stamp positioner from Art Impressions that sells for $10.00

Thank you Karen for the tip and for sharing your pics  :)

Unfortunately, I cannot get a Misti Stamp Positioner for my customers.....But......I can get two positioners that debuted at CHA this year.  I have included the videos showing both of them.

The first one is the Position It 2
I sell it for $44.25
 Here is the video:

The second one is Tim Holtz's Stamp Platform.
I sell it for $32.25 (this one is not available until April)
Here is the video:


  1. This works great to let you stamp again and again in the same location with your wood mounted stamps just like your Misti lets you do with clear or unmounted stamps. The Art Impressions acrylic stanp positioner is held snugly in place by the corner of the Misti and will not move or wobble. Your paper is held down by the magnets onto the Misti so that your paper also does not move. There is lots of room for your fingers as you hold the wood block. You do not use the piece of plastic that comes with the stamp positioner. You stamp directly onto the paper. As your paper always stays in the same place and your wood stamp always goes back into the same position you can re-stamp again and again in the same place. So, if you don't get a perfect impression the first time yo can re-stamp easily. I find this works much more easily for me than the stamp-a-ma-jig. I have many wood mounted stamps such as the House Mouse stamps that I will never unmount.

  2. Does anyone know if the Tim Holtz Stamp platform has a raised edge around all four sides like the Misti? I would love to have a positioner like this that only has two raised edges. It kind of looks like only two edges in the video but I can't tell for sure. I make 5" x 7" cards and would like to be able to stamp directly onto the inside of this size card . In other words, I would like to have a 7" x 10" paper that would fit onto the platform. If only two sides have raised edges this size paper could hang off one of the sides. Or if the platform could hold a 7"x10" piece of paper. I am not going to buy the 12 inch scrapbook sized Misti for this. It would be great if I could do this with the Tim Holtz platform. Anyone have this yet or have seen it in person?

    1. according to the video it only has two sides so that it will fit larger papper.

  3. Karen, Tim did a more in depth video here:
    From what I understand it will do what you are looking for.