Friday, November 13, 2015

Sue Wilson Noble Double Pierced Dies

As promised I am keeping you up to date with Sue Wilson's posts as she releases her new dies.
First up is the Square and Rectangle sets of the Noble dies.  You may think you have seen these already, but this is the B set which corresponds perfectly to the Double Pierced Noble Squares and Rectangles that are already on the market (and we can still order for you).  These sets will give you the cuts that fit in between the previous released sets.  If your budget stretches to both sets, then you will be able to mat and layer at 1/8th inch intervals.  This allows for a more precise matting and layering and the options for frame making have just gone up.  This sample shows one example of how you can use the two sets to create beautiful layered frames:

CED5510 Double Pierced Squares Set B

CED5511 Double Pierced Rectangles Set B

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