Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sue Wilson Rereleased some 2014 Holiday Dies

Sue Wilson rereleased the following dies.  Our supplier tells us he only has a limited supply.  If you want any of these please email Darlene at

CED3008 Classic Poinsettia $26.00

CED3013 Holly Sprays $19.00

CED3002 Illuminated Christmas Tree $20.25

CED3004 Let It Snow $14.00

CED3009 Mosaic Poinsettia $26.00

CED3005 Peace $14.00

CED3015 Pine Bough $18.00

CED3011 Vintage Bauble $26.00

Image result for ced3011

CED3007 Believe $11.25

CED3010 Filigree Poinsettia $26.00

CED3006 Framed Noel $14.00

CED3014 Holly Accessory Kit $14.75

CED3003 Joy $16.25

CED3012 Sentimental Bauble $26.00

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pat and Darlene,
    Oh my goodness what a lovely Dies! Christmas in July lol, here in Holland it is now 35 C, so hot, you will not believe it!
    Hugs, Petra. xxxx